Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline, involving breath control, body flow and postural exercise. It is widely practised for health, flexibility and relaxation.

Breathe in the moment and bend to your flow.

IMPORTANT: These ideas do not constitute advice. Please consult your doctor if you’re concerned about your energy levels or physical health in any way. 

Sun Salutation

Good morning!

This basic, meditative routine of asanas (poses) helps to awaken and strengthen your body, mind and spirit in an easy, repetitive flow. You can spend a few minutes or quarter of an hour each day depending on your level of fitness, working up to 12 rounds (or 144 asanas). This routine can become a personal ritual in which you express gratitude at the start of a new day. 

A note on breathing: the most commonly used breathing in yoga is ujjayi pranayama (pranayama is the expansion of life force energy using breath control exercises). Keeping your mouth closed, breathe in and out through your throat making a ‘snoring’ sound. Control the breath with your diaphragm. Each breath should be long, slow and deep. The rule of thumb in exercise is also to breathe in during muscle lengthening and to breathe out with concentric muscle motion.


Balance & Positivity

A variation of Sun Salutation, helping to invoke energy, positivity and strength into mind body and heart, balancing the chakras within the body. A wonderful way to start your day. 

(click image for YouTube video)

Demonstration by Lucy Cawdron
Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Tibetan Rites

Increase your vitality with the 5 Tibetan Rites. Reported benefits include improved sleep and emotional wellbeing, detoxification, strength, balance and coordination.  

Demonstration by Alma, qualified dancer & RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

When exercise is fun and set at the right level, it’s easier to keep up, benefit from it and improve. Try different activities until you find what works best, remembering to incorporate aerobic and strength-building exercise too.  

Go with the flow

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