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Wellbeing Guides

Some straightforward guides to help with relaxation, balance and clarity of mind.

How well you do learning a new language and integrating into a new culture can affect your self-esteem, confidence and ability to get by. This easy guide to English is an idea for a community project. It will be regularly expanded and revised.

Explore more around meditation here or go deeper with a relaxing Hypnotherapy session.

Further ideas in the Source Quarterly Newsletter!

Patterns and guides for easy craft projects. 

Relax and meditate into creativity, calming your brainwaves, as you explore the right side of your brain, and your imagination takes hold. Make and meditate with a mantra, absorbing the colours and textures, finding rhythm in movement and repetitive flow.

Learn a craft that is fun and contemplative and fill your life with zen!

Craft Guides

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