Complementary therapy works alongside conventional healthcare to rebalance your physical and mental wellbeing. Hypnotherapy is one such way to help you re-engage with your natural rhythm, exploring the source of an issue before reframing the thought patterns behind it.

Covid Update

Hypnotherapy is essentially a talking therapy, so can be successfully practised online, for instance in treating stress, or as a way to experience deeper states of meditation. A free initial consultation is the precursor to your first therapy appointment, so if you have any questions or concerns about how an online session is run, I will be happy to discuss these with you beforehand.

Since lockdown has ended, in-person appointments are also available locally in Castle Douglas and Dalbeattie, UK.

Wishing you good health and calmness ahead.

Dr Frances McGonigle
DHP Acc. Hyp, PhD, MA, BA
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Wellness Coach
S.W. Scotland, UK

+44(0) 7708 568 377

Why Hypnosis?

If you are suffering from anxiety or have a phobia or challenging problem keeping you awake at night, hypnotherapy can be a very interesting, enjoyable and powerful way to release you from the negative thought patterns at the source of the issue. Hypnosis is effective at breaking down these patterns because it works with your unconscious to reach the underlying causes, which are often buried too deeply to analyse and understand. Hypnosis is a safe way to explore and restructure the way you think, working with metaphor and suggestion to embed positive change in the mind. By simply relaxing and observing your thoughts, you will be guided towards clarity and resolution, so that you can finally get on with your life.

Also providing wellness coaching and guided meditations, including group sessions and workshops.

Guide to Hypnotherapy Process & Practice

“Frances has an approach which is soothing and comforting. The sessions were restful in a restorative way, as well as being interesting. Frances was professional throughout and attentive afterwards.” 01/08/20

“Frances has truly helped me understand some of my anxieties. Her calming demeanour, patience and exploration guided me through some difficult spaces. Highly regarded, highly recommended.” 08/09/20

“Since my sessions with Frances I have been able to kick the toughest habit in my life, smoking. Not only this, after each session I’ve felt completely relaxed and at one with the world!” 08/09/20

“Frances gave me hope again, with strength and amazing support. She has an amazing gift, is highly intuitive, knowledgeable, compassionate, kind and understanding. I cannot recommend Frances enough.” 06/11/20

“I’ve started sessions jointly with my 9 year old to help him with sleep, and he finds it really beneficial as well. Frances has a lovely way with children, making them feel relaxed and at ease.” 06/11/20

“I’ve experienced such progress. Frances goes to incredible lengths to help, with so much thought given to what things could be of benefit. She is so empathetic and kind, thorough and well researched.” 06/11/20

“I had my first session with Frances. It was really good. Frances put me at ease and explained everything. The session was very thorough and informative. Her practitioner skills are exemplary.” 05/05/22

“Frances was referred to me by a friend and she was absolutely the right person for me to meet. She understood a frustration that I have been procrastinating about for years and through her gentle but firm techniques brought me back to reality and to admit to myself what I was really wanting and needing to do. She has helped me overcome a huge hurdle that I was finding I couldn’t jump myself and now I know I can. I am excited!! Thank you Frances.” 19/05/22

“A journey I’d recommend to anyone”

“I began hypnosis with Frances with little idea what would be involved, but with a strong desire to get help with my long-term insomnia. Since then, I’ve also turned to Frances for help with weight loss, sticking to a plant-based diet and ways to move forward from a very difficult personal situation. With all these aspects, hypnosis, and the counselling that goes alongside it, have been hugely helpful to me, and made a striking difference to my life. I have achieved my goals of significant weight loss through a plant-based, wholefood diet and a daily yoga routine, and my sleep is much improved. But most significantly, I am so much happier, stronger, more resilient, positive and ready for future challenges. I never thought all this could be achieved through hypnosis, so I’ve been so pleasantly surprised. Frances is a wonderful therapist, who goes to great lengths to come up with solutions suited to the individual. She takes so much time, gives so much thought, to everything she does, and she has a wonderful way with the hypnosis itself – a true gift. I’ve felt supported at every step, with patience, kindness, gentleness. I have become a huge advocate for hypnosis to help with any issue we’re facing, and indeed, my children have also benefited from sessions to help with their sleep and phobias. This is a journey I’d recommend to anyone from the bottom of my heart.” 23/08/21

Conditions Treated

Specialising in anxiety, I treat the following conditions:

Low confidence & shyness
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Pain, loss & childhood trauma
Performance blocks (creative, speech, physical)
Phobia, panic attacks, sadness & fear
Relationship difficulties
Smoking, and unhealthy eating
Awakening & Kundalini syndrome

Get in touch to see how hypnosis or wellness coaching can help.
Appointments are available online, or in person locally in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland, UK.

Free Initial Consultation

A 20 minute discussion around your specific wellness needs.

See if hypnosis is the right thing for you.
Call 07708 568377, or email to book.

Wellness Coaching

For people who prefer talking therapy without hypnosis.
Cost – £34 per session


Talking therapy, NLP techniques and guided visualisation.
Cost – £50 per session

Smoking Cessation Programme

Help with a smoking addiction is one of the most common reasons that people seek out hypnotherapy. Many programmes involve one or two sessions only, but there is evidence to suggest that most people benefit from thorough preparation and ongoing support, helping them to reframe their behaviours and stay off cigarettes (ref. Models of delivery for stop smoking services, Public Health England, 2017).

Cost – £250 per six week programme

Gift Certificates

The gift of a Wellness Session is a great way to reach out with support. Who do you know who could benefit?

Self-Hypnosis & Bespoke Recordings

Not sure yet? Why not try self-hypnosis, or get in touch to arrange a bespoke audio recording written around your specific wellbeing goals.

Cost – £20 self-hypnosis recording (mp3)


Please get in touch with any questions.

Dr Frances McGonigle
DHP Acc. Hyp, PhD, MA, BA
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Wellness Coach
S.W. Scotland, UK

+44(0) 7708 568 377