Art and Craft

Awaken your creative unconscious and lose yourself in its rhythm. It’s calling you. Surrender to the flow. 


Art is an immersive experience; a way to meditate and reach beyond the analytical mind. It invites the artist to explore, express, challenge and transcend, in as much as it calls upon the onlooker to do the same. Art can reduce stress, bring change, educate and connect us, and we each have this capacity within.

Free Photo Exhibitions


Life is out there. And it will find you.


Look up, for there’s a work of art suspended in the sky.


Great torrents of water fell from the sky and covered me in yesterday’s clouds. 


Luminous beings are trees.


Where land ends, the sea begins. 


Bring meaning to life.


Never knowing what went on inside.


The barriers that restrain can reframe.


To come…

Set your own photo challenge

Get off ‘automatic’; mount your prints; use your work to send greetings to loved ones… How you frame things, to yourself and to others, counts too. 

Drawing & Painting

Drawing and painting are relaxing, a good way to explore your imagination and keep in touch with your inner child.

Adult education classes are great for beginners; they’re also sociable and reasonably priced. Connect with your local community centre or on platforms, such as Eventbrite, for what’s on, or there are thousands of free tutorials on YouTube or at low cost on

Here’s something I drew 30 years ago. It’s never too late to revisit what you love.
Blend watercolour paints together by making a brush stroke of colour, cleaning your brush, then running another colour along the edge of the first one.


Engaging in craft is fun and relaxing, with similar health benefits to meditation in that it can improve concentration and sleep, increase self-esteem and distract the mind from pain and anxiety. Craft skills can also be shared, which connects people in communities and builds friendships. A handmade item is also a joy to receive.

Craft your own media project

Creating content is a way to build confidence and develop new skills, whilst imparting ideas and knowledge to others. If there’s a piece of information that you truly believe in or strongly wish to debate, don’t hold back, start recording, and rope in others for support

Go with the flow

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