Ignorance Is Not Bliss

From darkness to light

Bliss is not easily described. It’s necessary to experience it completely to understand what it means. But it is possible to outline the sensation it brings and the positive traits it creates.   

By another name, bliss is Grace, after which all of us consciously or unconsciously strive, through religious devotion, spiritual practice, or a yearning to be happy or better.   

Bliss is heaven, with an awareness of hell; understanding that both are within.    

Bliss is the destruction of ego, a loss of self, yet complete in itself and its truth. Not defined by a label, a status or job role, all limitations dissolve.   

Bliss is surrender to nature and kindness to all living things. It’s a state in which senses are heightened, bird song has meaning and the breeze speaks through trees. The flow of water and sea feels alive. Clouds are an expression of pure life in motion, and sunlight can stream from your eyes.   

Bliss is wonder, humility and learning; a yearning to grow and evolve.   

Bliss is energy that is ecstatic in nature, which can surge through your body and mind.   

Bliss is no fear and a sense of adventure, but in calmness and at ease with your path. It’s an appreciation of beauty, of which the world is abundant, seeing life as a creation of art.    

Bliss is an opening of the pineal gland, a portal to wisdom, intuition and truth.   

Bliss is also forgiveness, seeing cause and effect, as a stream of events. It understands that humans may not know what they do, and goes forth with compassion and presence.   

Bliss is an influence, a role model for change, with gravitational pull, like a magnet.   

Bliss is enjoying just breathing and existing, or immersed in a pastime you love.   

Bliss is living with purpose, helping others and taking the responsibility to act.    

Bliss means not caring, but to also care deeply, while not being bogged down by judgement. It sees empathy as kindness, directed where needed, and to care for one’s body with love.   

Bliss is order in a geometric sense of the word. Not obsession with neatness, but balance. It is oneness with all things, a closeness and pattern that brings peace to the chaos around us.    

Bliss is expanded awareness, an openness of mind that has pure conscious form. It’s an unblocking of forces that misconstrue and deny, and a questioning of all social norms.   

Ignorance is none of these things. It is darkness; closed to the world and a real sense of purpose.   

Whereas bliss is to be filled up with light.  

Free your flow.